About us

About us

Suomen Kyläavustajat Oy is a small service company from Ostrobothnia. Since 2016, we have provided a variety of services to local households and businesses. In our work, the social perspective has also been strongly involved, in other words, we have tried to offer a path to working life for people who may have experienced difficulties in finding their way along the traditional path.

During these years, it has become clear that there is a need for such a business model for both those who need the service and for service suppliers.
Suomen Kyläavustajat Oy's vision is to help these two parties meet.

Our ambitious goal is to create an online service platform where ordinary people, in addition to companies, can market their own know-how and products locally to each other.
With this service, we all have the opportunity to strongly be involved in our own community in a new way.

You can read more about the history of our company through the links below.


Our task

Our main tasks right now:

  • Forming a marketing team
  • Laying out a marketing strategy
  • Forming a development team
  • Creating the technical part of the service platform
  • Finding partners
  • Mapping of financing opportunities