Join us!

Join us!

Join the marketing team

Marketing is the most relevant part of a successful product development project. No matter how great things we come up with, it’s not worth anything if the service has no users. To be successful, we need a wide range of expertise in marketing.

This may sound complicated and difficult, but in the end it is not. You may have come across updates on Facebook that demonstrate how widespread a single Facebook update can become. It really works!

Share this site across media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even TikTok can act as a tool.
The project also has a Facebook page. Like the page and share status updates.
You can also share the Mesenaatti campaign page with your friends:
Let’s make this happen together!

Become a sponsor

You too can support our project as a sponsor. For as little as 40 euros you can support the development of the service. In return for your contribution, you get a great chance to show everyone that you’ve been involved as a pioneer, building something really meaningful for us all.

You can become a sponsor through the Finnish crowdfunding service, Mesenaatti. We have an ongoing campaign there:

Thank you in advance for your support!

Join the development team

Implementing such a tool requires a wide range of skills. We also welcome your input. The first thing to decide is the name of the service. What do you think would be an appropriate name for a peer-to-peer service platform? Feel free to suggest, like and comment other people’s suggestions as well, so we can choose a suitable name for the platform.

Bring your views to attention to our team through the service. You can use the service completely anonymously or log in with your own IDs.

Open the address in your browser: or use the service directly from the box below. First of all, you will receive instructions on how to use the service. Don’t worry, you can’t do anything wrong. Feel free to try different functions.

Produce material

As you can see from the experiment below, content production requires little practice. But it’s also fun!

Are you a good photographer, storyteller, video maker or illustrator? Give your talent at our disposal and we’ll bring your output out in the world.

Don’t be too critical. We are here together, with a twinkle in your eye, on our way to something fantastic. Humour is the spice of life!

Publication of material

We do not guarantee that all material sent to us will be publicated. By submitting material, you do not give up your copyright, but only free sublicense rights to Suomen Kyläavustajat Oy. We will contact you if we publish your photo or video.

Right to the material

The sender of an image or video guarantees that he or she has all necessary copyright and other rights to the material that he or she submits. At the same time, the sender confirms that he or she has the right to submit the material to Suomen Kyläavustajat Oy.
Rättighet till materialet.

The sender must have the consent of all persons shown in the image or video that Suomen Kyläavustajat Oy can use and process the material in the way it deems best.

You can follow the progress of the development work on our Facebook page.
Join the Facebook group and discuss current topics.