Building a peer-to-peer service platform

The goal of Suomen Kyläavustajat is to build a service marketing portal open to everyone, which enables buyers and sellers of services to find each other.

There are already various tools for self-employment in the form of invoicing service companies, but there is not yet a centralized solution for the most demanding part in the early stages of entrepreneurship, i.e. marketing.

There are local or industry-specific services for marketing. The problem is, surprise surprise, again marketing. For making this type of service work, a large number of both service providers and users are needed.

The problem is that marketing is expensive. The launch of a new service may require up to 10 million euros! Sounds shocking, right?

Our idea is to use the power of cooperation and the spirit of working together to achieve the common good.

We create and market this service together with future users.