We are living in interesting times

Year 2020 and the coronavirus has really provided us all a refreshing cold bath, right? Unfair!

The world as we know it has come to an end. And we are no longer returning to what is familiar and safe, which was a fact some time ago.
In the news they are talking about a decade-long era of zero growth, a collapse of the living standards and a huge debt burden shifted to our children to pay.

In addition to the increased unemployment, the level of social security will decrease significantly in the upcoming years. This means that more and more of us are facing real problems as we struggle with our basic livelihood. So far, these problems have been more relative.

This is all happening on a global scale. Doesn’t sound too good, eh?

The solution to this new confusing situation is suddenly not to be found by political actors, nor can it be expected from companies struggling with own difficulties.

This challenge must be solved together. We must all take our responsibility. There is a need for a fundamental change in the society’s attitudes and structures.

In the future, we need a flexible opportunity to earn our living and use our know-how. In the future, we should all see ourselves more or less as entrepreneurs.

What do we offer?

A tool to make this possible would be a new services marketing portal that we currently are developing. In this service, everyone can market their own know-how and products locally with a low threshold. The vision is that in the future, this service will become a great everyday tool for all of us who want to influence our own living standard. The development process has now begun. However, an urgent need for this service is imminent. Large-scale cooperation is needed to complete it in time.